Mary E. Plouffe Ph.D.:
The Quiet Roar of the Hummingbird captures you on page one with a charmingly edgy protagonist. With intelligence and compassion, she shows us the inner world of the memory care unit where her grandmother now lives, and challenges its rules, its assumptions and its strategies. The young woman's transformation may not be the only one, for the story will teach you, make you question what you know, and open your heart to a view of Alzheimer's care that is grounded in compassionate listening; even when the only voice is silence.”
​Dr. John Campbell, Director of Geriatric Psychiatry, Maine Medical Center:
​"I read this story with great interest because I am a Neuropsychiatrist and have been caring almost exclusively for patients with Alzheimer's disease for many years. This is a story that will appeal to many readers, and it is certainly a must read for anyone whose family has been visited by the unwanted guest Hummingbird refers to as "Arlene Alzheimer". 


Lesley MacVane, Community Television Network:
“Catherine Gentile grabbed me on the dedication page of The Quiet Roar of Hummingbird and never let me go. Drawing parallel lines between Hummingbird’s being bullied and her grandmother’s descent into Alzheimer’s, the author connects these two generations to create a bond that helps each find a voice that will be heard. It is a caring portrayal of love, loss, holding on and letting go.” 
Jack Driscoll, Pushcart winner and author of The World a Few Minutes Ago:
The Quiet Roar of a Hummingbird is as compassionate as it is courageous. If we are what we remember, imagine that self in the throes of forgetting all that was. This is the story told by Catherine Gentile, though what compels isn’t so much its subject matter, but how she tells it with such grace and hope and conviction.”
tells the story of Abby Windsor, a bright seventeen-year-old senior, struggling through the disruptive aftermath of her own bullying, her beloved grandmother’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, and the unexpected discovery of  meaning and hope --outgrowths of the friendship and love to which she is dangerously attracted.

"My goals for this, my debut novel, are two-fold: to connect with those concerned about the increase in bullying, be it of young or old, and to give rise to more humane methods of Alzheimer's treatment. So much so, that should Hummingbird  inspire a war on inhumane treatment of those bullied, especially persons with Alzheimer's, I would whisper a prayer of relief. Pardon my boldness when I share my secret wish that The Quiet Roar of a Hummingbird would become the Uncle Tom's Cabin of humane Alzheimer's treatment." 

​                                                                        Catherine Gentile

The Quiet Roar of a Hummingbird, ISBN 978-1-62646-413-1, 
IGCSA Publications, $16.99, paperback, 251 pages.  

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